Every Child Online Empowers Chase High School through Gaming Equipment Donation

Every Child Online Empowers Chase High School through Gaming Equipment Donation

Every Child Online’s IT Full Circle campaign has been making significant strides in its mission to bridge the digital divide and improve digital education among UK children and young adults. A prime example of this impact can be found in the collaboration between Every Child Online and Chase High School in Westcliff. This partnership showcases the transformative power of refurbishing surplus IT equipment and donating it to educational institutions.

Partnership Background

Every Child Online has been working closely with various gaming industry companies, such as Sumo Digital and ndreams, who generously donate surplus gaming equipment and devices. The core of the initiative is to ensure that these devices reach schools and charities actively involved in teaching essential digital skills, including coding, graphic design, animation, and other creative skills.

The ultimate vision of Every Child Online’s IT Full Circle campaign is to see the children and young adults who benefit from their donations and partnerships eventually working for the very companies that have contributed their preloved IT equipment.

Chase High School’s Unique Curriculum

Chase High School in Westcliff is pioneering an innovative approach to education by offering young people the opportunity to explore gaming and game design through their curriculum and extra-curricular clubs.

Since 2021, the school has provided students with the chance to participate in eSports, where they compete in popular digital games like Rocket League and Overwatch 2. The most accomplished students are invited to join the school’s eSports team, allowing them to take part in national competitions.

To support these initiatives, Chase High School established an eSports lab equipped with three purpose-built computers. This club, held twice a week, rapidly gained popularity among students.

Expansion and Impact with Every Child Online’s Donation

Thanks to Every Child Online’s donation, the eSports club at Chase High School has expanded to include all students from Year 7 to the sixth form who wish to participate.

Melanie Hall, subject leader for computing at the school, highlighted the positive impact of this initiative: “The positive impact we witnessed on student motivation and progress in our lessons was significant. Not only did the club motivate students, but it provided an opportunity for them to forge new friendships, increase in confidence, and it helped to improve their teamwork and problem-solving skills.”

Every Child Online’s Contribution

Every Child Online’s dedication to repurposing old computer equipment for schools and families in need is clearly demonstrated at Chase High School. Our CEO Mike Tarbard visited the school and equipped an entire classroom with high-spec gaming computers. Additionally, VR headsets and laptops were donated for use across the curriculum.

According to Mrs. Hall, “This has made an enormous difference to our students, giving many more an opportunity to experience something that would not be accessible to them otherwise. Esports is growing into a huge industry, but even just taking part has so many benefits.”

Students have found immense joy and value in these activities, with many considering it the highlight of their week. The club has not only enhanced their gaming skills but also contributed to their personal development, fostering teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Digital Schoolhouse Status

As a testament to their commitment to digital education, Chase High School was one of just two schools in the area to achieve Digital Schoolhouse status. This achievement provides unique access to resources, training, and direct links to the UK video games industry. Digital Schoolhouse focuses on play-based learning to engage students with the computing curriculum. This case study exemplifies how a network of organisations working together can achieve a common goal of enhancing digital education for children. Every Child Online’s support has opened doors for Chase High School students, enabling them to explore new horizons and participate in the dynamic world of eSports and game development.

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