Free Secure Wiping or Destruction of Hard Drives

Proof Certificates Provided From Our Online Portal

We’re Not Just a Charity,

We are a dynamic non-profit charity business providing professional IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) and collection services to UK companies for free.  Our teams take the security of your data seriously. To eliminate any risk associated with securely managing your IT assets, Every Child Online work closely with its professional IT services partner Sunrise Technologies. As a Cyber Essentials Practitioner, Sunrise is an expert in cyber security and implementing system changes. We also accept PCs and laptops with hard drives removed or devices pre-wiped.

Protecting your data is as important to us as it is to you

Our FREE services comply with UK data security and environmental standards. We are trusted by hundreds of leading organisations across all industry sectors.

We Provide:

  • Free Data Removal/Destruction

    Free Data removal/destruction to US DoD 5220.22 standards, with a proof certificate of erasure for every hard drive or data-bearing device.

  • Full Audit Trail

    We provide a full audit trail with detailed reporting – our online portal will give you access to your donation refurbishment journey from start to finish. We’ll even advise you which schools or organisations have benefited.

  • Recycle Unusable Devices

    Any broken or end-of-life devices will be recycled, providing the charity with an additional revenue stream. All profits made will go back into growing and improving our services to the community.

  • Environmental Best Practices

    We work to environmental best practices and operate a zero-landfill policy wherever possible.

  • Free Collections

    Free and flexible collection times available

  • WEEE Complaint

    All of our IT disposal services are WEEE Compliant