Every Child Online partners with DTX & UCX Europe 2023 to tackle the digital divide

Every Child Online partners with DTX & UCX Europe 2023 to tackle the digital divide

Organisers of the leading digital transformation show DTX & UCX Europe 2023 are supporting the work of a charity that transforms old tech into workable IT for school children in need.

This is part of the show’s ongoing commitment to supporting a diversity and inclusivity agenda and to ensure that tech takes wider society on its fast-changing journey.

Every Child Online is a professional refurbishing service that restores laptops, tablets, PCs and mobiles and provides them free to schools across the UK.

For school children the work is transformative. With new access to fully restored IT equipment and industry-recognised software, they can progress as quickly as their advantaged peers. One in four children in the UK still do not have access to online learning.

This year the charity will have its own exhibition space at the show – as part of the partnership –  where they will be encouraging visitors to donate old tech directly or organise for it to be collected.

Mike Tarbard, CEO of Every Child Online said:  “If you have an old phone, tablet, laptop or PC tucked away collecting dust, bring it to the show. Or if you work for a company that’s planning on upgrading IT equipment let us know and we can collect. Every donation helps to support a child’s education.”

He continued: “Our goal is to ensure schools have computers fit for purpose, underprivileged children have computers to distance learning from home and to close the digital divide in our communities. We know the DTX community can help us with that.”

Dominie Roberts, Programme Lead at DTX, said: “We have the opportunity – across the tech sector –  to make a difference to digital poverty in this country. So we are delighted to be showcasing the important work of Every Child Online and will be encouraging our sponsors, exhibitors and visitors to find out how they can get involved.”

If you have any questions or want to find out more information, please email Every Child Online at help@everychildonline.co.uk