Every Child Online

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Every Child Online

Every Child Online receives donated PCs, Laptops and Tablets, from UK businesses and members of the public. Where possible, we collect these donations, we then wipe the hard drives and rebuild, installing windows 10. We refurbish them to a high standard then deliver them to schools.

Why help fund us?

For the price of an average new, reasonably spec’d laptop, say £300, we are able to refurbish 20 to 25 donated laptops; the likelihood is, although slightly older if a business donated these laptops, they will be a much better spec. We need to purchase power leads because many donated devices come without a charger. If it’s a PC donation, we usually supply schools with the full kit, so we purchase and supply keyboards, mice, connection cables, monitors, monitor arms and, of course, the PC. Sometimes we have been known to install wifi cards too.

With your support, together, we will make Every Child Online synonymous for providing refurbished tech in support of the eradication of three social issues facing underprivileged children in the UK today.

  • We will ensure every child is online to access distance learning tools, to support efforts to close the attainment gap and make sure no child falls behind on their education due to poverty.
  • We will ensure every child is online to meet up with friends, providing a sense of belonging, self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • We will ensure every child is online to prevent isolation and protect their wellbeing and mental health.

It is vital to address the issue of digital isolation, not just for our children’s education, wellbeing, and mental health, but for any child in our community that feels alone and disconnected from the world. Providing all our children with computer equipment will unarguably benefit kids who deserve more from life.

Please help us help them.