Companies Donate Old Computers to the Every Child Online Campaign.

Companies Donate Old Computers to the Every Child Online Campaign.

Simon Gurner, Managing Director of Sunrise Technologies, an Essex based IT Support & Services company, has donated twenty-two PCs to his “old” School, Woodlands Secondary School in Basildon, supporting a new campaign to get “Every Child Online”

As a result of actions taken to keep children at home during the COVID 19 pandemic, many schools have discovered a surprising number of pupils without access to a computer or the internet, some even attempting to complete homework set by their teachers on a mobile phone!

The PCs were handed over to Head Teacher, David Wright, who highlighted the scale of the issue facing pupils at his school. “Woodlands School educates 1600 children in the local area, comments David. “In recent weeks, we have discovered over 20% of them are without either a home computer or not online at all; this is making distance learning a real challenge. We are determined with the help from companies like Sunrise to give all our pupils access to the same educational technology.

“Never has it been more evident that a wealth gap exists within our county,” Comments Simon Gurner, “Today, we take being connected for granted, not being online or owning a PC will put a child at a clear disadvantage to those who are.  We must try to close this gap to allow talented kids in underprivileged families the same advantages as their friends.”

Simon is calling on all business owners and IT managers to consider donating their old company PCs and laptops (obviously new ones are very welcome too).  If you’re planning to upgrade your businesses IT equipment, or maybe you have shelves full of older PC’s, laptops and monitors, and you’re not sure what to with them, please get in touch with Every-Child.Online at or visit the website

Any PC or laptop no older than ten years old is ideal, preferably clean and in a working condition. Simon and his team at Sunrise, Sponsors of, will ‘securely’ wipe any company data, then upgrade and update the hardware/software as needed, and pass them on to the Schools that desperately need them.  The school will then determine which pupils will receive them. Donating your Laptops and PCs will make a considerable difference to a child’s future.

If you’re a business owner or IT manager, please get involved in this worthy cause, it will make a huge difference to a child’s access to online learning and future education.

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