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Collection and Delivery Van Appeal.

£ 20000

Campaign Target


£ 19900 to go

Collection and Delivery Van Appeal.

The momentum of calls and emails from businesses and the public; wanting to donate their unused laptops, PCs and Tablets, continues with pace. We do all we can, using the generosity of our regional partners, Sunrise Technologies and help from the Basildon Rotary club, to collect these donations.

It has become clear, we require vehicles capable of collecting and delivering our larger donations.

Not only are we able to donate laptops to schools for pupils to distance learn from home, but we are also upgrading school classrooms with our refurbished kit, much of it newer and a higher specification than the kit they have or will purchase themselves. Please help us reach our goal of twenty thousand pounds.

We are making a huge difference to our schools and the education, well being and self-confidence of our children.

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